Poplar Lake

Poplar Lake - NON 2018 editionPoplar Lake will be released on October 15 by Now or Never Publishing.

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Poplar Lake is a prequel to my 2015 novel, A Person of Letters, with which it shares two characters – the narrator Jake, and his girlfriend Genny.  Here’s a synopsis of the book:

Jake’s fallen hard for Genny—and now he’s bringing her home to meet the family. On the long journey to the prairies, and as he tours her around town, he amuses her with anecdotes from his childhood, and regales her with the story of the town’s founding (on land stolen from the Cree) and about the scoundrels and visionaries who shaped it. Yet he’s careful what he says. There are things he doesn’t want to acknowledge about his own past, even to himself. Genny, though, can tell he’s hiding something, and sets out to uncover the secrets that are tearing him apart.

Poplar Lake is “a darkly satiric novel about families and relationships and the day-to-day lies that sustain them, a tragicomedy rich with yearning, heartbreak, and love.”

Check here for more news about Poplar Lake leading up to its release on October 15.

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